The Long Drive {Supernatural}

The Long Drive {Supernatural}

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She's not human.

Her soul sings to all things.

She has a soul bearing "Lucifer's Curse."

When God created humans, it piqued the curiosity of the few major angels. They liked his design, and they used it to shape their own creature from the dust of stars. Thus, a creature known as a Curtanis was born. A Curtanis is a human-looking specimen with the wisdom of angels, and all the power of a witch. The Curtanis was designed to allure humans into following them and into listening to them when the angels couldn't interfere. A Curtanis can be dangerous should their temper combust.

Roslyn Lovelace is the third Curtanis in the cycle, and very different from all the others. She, in particular, was favored by God, and given the role as a defender of man-kind. Very headstrong, she's constantly trying to prove she can be her own person and not just heaven's weapon of mass destruction. After thousands and thousands of years of living in heaven under the wings of angels, she requests to spend her days on earth. With permission granted, she leaves.

Although it isn't easy being tailed by demons that are hell-bent on provoking her dark side, Roslyn liked her life. As a result of being tracked by a hoard of demons, Roslyn is forced to run away in search of protection. She even has to seek help from people she'd never liked. Hunters.

After a close encounter, Roslyn's life is saved by the Winchester boys. Coincidentally, she has been searching for their father and the stroke of luck thrills her. When they tell her that John is missing, she has no choice but to accompany them and look for the lost hunter.

Sam and Dean were raised to think anything non-human was bad, but could they have been wrong? Could they accept a monster with pretty eyes into their lives? Roslyn is torn between wanting the Winchesters' approval and trust, while also trying to fulfill her loyalty to the angels, her creators.

Which does she have to sacrifice for the other?

owca1000 owca1000 Jul 15
Yeah. And their names are...
                              JOHN CENA
                              DOO DOO DO DOOOOOO
                              DOO DOO DO DOOOOO
owca1000 owca1000 Jul 22
I love how everyone is more concerned about the cat than the main character
jasminesela jasminesela Aug 01
Idk why but triggered happy just reminds me of bobby and the boys relationship
AbbyDoucet AbbyDoucet Jun 11
I LIVE LIKE WHUT 12 HOURS AWAY FROM VANCOUVER ( rn cuz like I have two houses one in Alberta then one in New Brunswick cuz I'm awesome) SO LIKE IF U LIVE IN CANADA HMU LEZ BE FRENS
Lettuce think for a moment... 
                                    Garth, Castiel became a hunter for like two episodes... Sam (Dean not so much)... so yeah there ARE non evil hunters
jasminesela jasminesela Aug 01
Bro i swear i feel as if the writer put samantha there as a nod to how sam wants normalcy too