Special Treatment | Phan BDSM

Special Treatment | Phan BDSM

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Cameron By Cam_SG Updated Jun 03, 2016

The last thought on Dan's mind before he passed out in that room was that Phil was different. He wasn't sure how, he just knew. 


Helllllllllllo readers!!! 

Welcome to my first ever BDSM story! 

Now, let's get something straight (haha)

I WILL NOT tolerate hate comments on the story. Constructive criticism, yes. Hate? No.

R18 (I see you lil rebels)
Kinks (daddy, name calling, pain, etc.)
Rape/Mentions Of
I'll add on the list as the story progresses.

I am aware that this story will get mixed reviews. Please do not read if you are not into BOYXBOY relationships, gay themes/characters, or you do not understand what you are reading. 

Without further ado, let's conclude the longest desc. in Wattpad history...


I'm at a fücking school dance in a skirt and fell in the bleachers
So call me baby hey i just met u but heres my number so 📞 me baby
Honestly I can relate to Dan and I ship it so I don't know what's going on. (About the dominance thing)
Roses are red
                              I don't mean to seem coy 
                              But I'll be your Tyler 
                              If you'll be my Troye
                              (These aren't mine)
                              Roses are red 
                              This wasn't part of the plan 
                              But I'll be your Phil 
                              If you'll be my Dan