How to lose weight easily

How to lose weight easily

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Amanda duprez By imsmexy Updated Aug 16, 2015

Let's start off with some easy choices. I believe in all of you equally :)

Now! Before you try this. Put a timer on for 15 minutes. And do warm ups: 30 lunges, stretch your arms for 20 seconds, 10 squats, 16 toe touching, and a 60 second bridge (this is a push up position, with your arms straight) and repeat till the 15 minutes are up

Once that is done, do some circular relaxing joint stabiliser's. Do some inner and out circles with your feet and wrists. Then some arm stretches again, move your neck and head around clockwise to help with the neck muscle

Okay let's start with some exercises

- 21 squats
- 40 second plank (now for you guys who can't hold a plank that long, spread your legs out a bit, shoulder Width would be good for balance and concentrate on something. Not the pain or shaking)
- 25 push ups
- jog on the spot for atleast 5 - 10 minutes 
- 20 toe touches, each side
- 30 jumping jacks

These are choices to choose from. But I suggest all of them. Repeat that work out 2 m...

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