My Mafia Baby                          ⎥L.S AU⎥

My Mafia Baby ⎥L.S AU⎥

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#feelthebern By weyheylarryyy Updated Oct 03

So, how would you feel if you were balancing out being a mafia boss a vampire and part werewolf? A lot huh? 

Louis Tomlinson is the Moonshine Pack leader or werewolves and vampires, while trying not to get caught or killed he and his best friend Darra, stumble across a baby, well, headspaced kitten hybrid named Harry. And with all the drama and fights and constant moving Harry is always there to brighten Louis' day.

Life is going good, for now.

But nothing lasts forever....

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I just don't understand...
                              I was once an innocent little girl. Then I joined this fandom. And everything went downhill...
Domlouist91 Domlouist91 Jul 02
Two dicks chillin' in hot tub five feet apart cause they're not gay
"Straight is ew"
                              MEMEMEME even though I might be straight like shït Larry gon messed up my head 😂
Its better that way instead of knowing you’re gonna die tbh 😂🤷🏽‍♀️
Is your name Cassie or is it shortened for Cassandra or something like that?
I'm straight, but refuse to read straight books. 😂😂 Team BXB! *sighs dreamily* Laaaaaarrryyyy