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Big Bro [Naruto Fanfic] Completed

Big Bro [Naruto Fanfic] Completed

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Young Sensei By Young-Sensei Completed

A young Naruto fan has a difficult life. He's been hated by his old high school due to his actions and his parents see him as a disgrace. 

That young Naruto fan is Ricky Narukami. He's 15 years old and he recently moved to Japan by his parents to live with his mother's brother. By the time he got there, his life was very different. 

One day when he got out of school, he wanted to look around japan. That's when he stumbled upon an mysterious book store filled with his number one favorite anime, Naruto. 

He went inside and started to look at all of the books until he saw one particular book that he doesn't recognize. Once he opens the book, his life will never be the same.

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto. I only own my OC character and this story. All the credit of Naruto and the characters belong to Misashi Kishimoto. Also I don't own any pictures that I've chose.

That being said, please enjoy the story of Ricky Narukami and his journey in his long time favorite anime....Naruto....

Story completed

DemonLordLiset DemonLordLiset Feb 14, 2016
This is the first fanfic I like with a made up character😊
minecraftfan14 minecraftfan14 Dec 14, 2016
Our teacher is awesome, she isn't annoying, has fun with the students, makes the most boring subjects fun, and she's not emotionless, and actually jokes with us.
Cuz  its 2 late now 2 say sorry yeah  cuz im missing more then ur money
EliasTaisei EliasTaisei Jan 23, 2016
Your New name is now Ib, because she fell into a painting called the Abyss!
luffyzoro101 luffyzoro101 Dec 19, 2015
hmm, as an American, I'm not so sure about this...our teachers here are so freaking annoying and shove their opinions down your throat and mock kids daily, but ya never know, there could be teachers worse than that lol X'D
AnImEiSaWeSoMeBrO AnImEiSaWeSoMeBrO Dec 17, 2015
I dont know why but I imagine the villagers as chickens so I'm just imagining this dude surrounded by chickens and he is hitting them one after another