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If I Laughed Would You Laugh?

If I Laughed Would You Laugh?

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Rachel By live_laugh_love96 Updated Nov 22, 2010

Katherine has always been the leveled head of her group of friends.  She prides herself on seeing everything for as it is, but when a guy comes into her life, will that change?  She's never had a boyfriend.  She never realy saw the point in having a one this young since she'll they would just end up breaking up.  Why risk the heart ache?  Then one day, she see's this guy.  Not just a guy but THE guy.  She could feel herself fall for him but denied that.  There's no way she could be caught up in someone like him.  Especially since he seems like he's hiding something...
Aaron has always stayed out of love's sight.  Sure, he's had girlfriends, but they were more like tissues.  He would use one and just throw her away.  His one rule is to never fall in love, but when he sees this girl, he couldn't help it!  The way she smiled, the way she laughed, just her in total hypnotized him.  Can he get over his rule and actually love her in a way he's never loved before?  Will she love him back?  The real question is, will he honestly risk her life by bringing her into his dangerous life?  He's not entirely sure about her though, there's something up with her but that only entices him more. 
Which world does she belong in more though?  The world of hidden secrets and mortals or the world of deadly secrets and immortals?

live_laugh_love96 live_laugh_love96 Oct 31, 2010
@kdko93 :) I will don't worry!!!!  And you're welcome too haha
kdko93 kdko93 Oct 31, 2010
Your welcome... and thanx for the dedication! I loved the chapter upload soon!
live_laugh_love96 live_laugh_love96 Oct 30, 2010
@kdko93 :) Ha-ha I forgot about this story :( But because you somehow refound it again I'll uplaod another part RIGHT NOW! :) @Nikki634 I didn't even see that you commented :((( I feel really bad right now :(
PresentTense PresentTense Sep 27, 2010
I like this new story of yours. Can't wait for more. Tell me when there's another part. :) Voted