Dolly|Melanie Martinez|Harry Styles

Dolly|Melanie Martinez|Harry Styles

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"Be a good dolly for daddy" 

Ever since Harry was a little boy he was always fascinated with dolls. His parents disapproved saying boys can't play with dolls. So now that Harry is older, he got himself his own real life doll to play with. And no one can stop them from having their play dates. 

Started 1:45 a.m 08/15/15
Ended 2:45 a.m 06/13/16

God I wish I never spoke now I gotta wash my mouth out with soap
Mate destroy Melanie's freaking amazing hair and I'll destroy you. I don't care if you're Harry Styles I will destroy you.
Don't let them see what goes down in the kitchen places places get in your places throw in your dress and put on your fill faces
missvixennn missvixennn Aug 23
Pictures pictures smile for the pictures, pose with your brother won't you be a good sister
Okay I want to be a stripper when I grow up, do you mind if I take the name but instead of "cherry tits" "chocolate tits"??
- - Jun 12
Fall back Oomgvfhzjtbns
                              I'm to excited for this! I gotta stop.