Daddys Baby girl (#Wattys2016)

Daddys Baby girl (#Wattys2016)

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×[Sun slowly perks through the sheer curtains]× 

I turn over and bury myself under my blanket even more. Deciding I should get up, I peek out from under the blankets and look around. Setting my eyes on a lump next to me, I slowly make my way towards the door. Grabbing a T-shirt along the way slipping it over my head. 

Looking back over my shoulder once more before I open the door shutting it softly behind me and making my way down the hallway and down the stairs towards the kitchen. 

Reaching the kitchen, I climbed on top of the counter to reach the cabinet that held all the sweets, licking my lips as I reach for a strawberry poptart. Smiling as sit on my knees opening my poptart to eat. Suddenly I feel a pair of hands on my waist, jumping a bit I knew I was in trouble.

"Can you tell me what you think you're doing little one?"

I shivered at his voice, thinking how he still has that effect on me.

"U-umm... I was hungry... so I came to get something to eat..."

"Ahhh... I see well ...

ajfanfics24 ajfanfics24 May 10
Thank you, yes I have. I think you could give me another Poptart...
ajfanfics24 ajfanfics24 May 10
I wish I had parents like that growing up xD (I know what it means). This is literally so cute >.< I can't wait just a few more years until I can live it
MemeScheme MemeScheme Jul 28
Zamn, zaddy must be hella rich to just up and go places lmao
ajfanfics24 ajfanfics24 May 10
STOP this cuteness! This is deadly! Don't you know the law? Ugh. People.
Sunny_Desu Sunny_Desu Apr 08, 2016
Very true. At this point when people ask what it is. I'm like go use Google
hobisauce hobisauce Apr 08, 2016
these humans lmao, if they don't know what ddlg is then why are they even here XD 
                              there is this thing called the internet 
                              and on that internet there is this thing called google