Innocent Mute (OHSHC Love Story)

Innocent Mute (OHSHC Love Story)

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Lucy By LucindaRose Updated May 03, 2016

Suzu and Rika Ellis are identical twin sisters, born into tragedy, but not without their own special talents that seem to outshine others. Though, they are alike in every physical aspect, Suzu is different. She is completely mute.  Though it's not a secret that she can't speak, the reasons for it are. After a terrible incident which causes the death of their mother and the disappearance of their father, the twins go to their only living relative; Haruhi Fujioka, their distant cousin.   

So, they earn an Arts scholarship to Ouran Academy and get shipped off to Japan away from their slum town in America to live with Haruhi and her father.

Bu,t what will happen when the popular Host Club find out about Suzu's strange ability to sing like an angel, but inability to talk? And what will happen when a certain host takes a special liking to Suzu?       * This wonderful cover was made by my new friend, Delcy, or twistypretzel! She's a total sweetheart so go check out her stuff!*

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EmmaAmme2448 EmmaAmme2448 Dec 31, 2017
Rika from Mystic Messenger has emerald green eyes and has a cousin
-grabs a sledge hammer-
                              Kyoya: Don't. 
                              Me: -stares at the piano-
                              Rika: No.
                              Me: -walks up to the piano-
                              Haruhi: Stop.
                              Me: -hits it-
                              Everyone: ._.
Lol love the story!!!! But the fact that she can sing and not talk is so unrealistic. It's not possible. But this is a fan FICTION so anything could happen! Love the story as I already said! Lol
MyaNyquist MyaNyquist Jan 06
You do know that if your mute you can't make sound. So how could she sing?
Well, at least there are some sane people at Ouran now.... Not
Welcome to the host club. Population: those damn, rich bastards