The Fear (The Walking Dead / Daryl Dixon)

The Fear (The Walking Dead / Daryl Dixon)

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jinx1996 By jinx1996 Updated Feb 08

Kat is the eldest daughter of Hershel and the rock of the Greene family. Through thick and thin she has kept them together, but when the apocalypse breaks out there is only so much she can do against the one thing she has never been able to fight...
Lives are lost, faith is shattered, hope is barely even a flicker of flight and despite knowing the truth of what is happening and understanding the reality of it, Katherine can never bare to explain the truth to her ever desperate family, trying to cling on to everything they can.
Until they show up.
The group who ruins everything, yet saves all that could be saved.
And the crossbow wielding red-neck who, for reasons unknown to Kat, manages to get past her impenetrable shield.

I will only say this once. I do not own anything except for my own character and any plot lines she causes that were not depicted in the show.

I am Australian so beware of different spelling for things like 'mum' and 'colour.'

I would love if y'all could check out my story. Bound - Walking Dead (Daryl Dixon Love Story).  It would mean a lot if you could give me some feedback letting me know if I should continue! <3
sophiepettrova sophiepettrova Sep 01, 2016
"Be your own anchor"
                              Sorry im obbsessed with Teen Wolf....AND THE WALKING DEAD OF COURSE!!!
saria_grimes saria_grimes Jan 25, 2016
Why does every good book start out like a police description
Zelda662 Zelda662 Jan 06, 2016
I wish every book had a first chapter like this!! AMAZING ❤️❤️
Dude, your opener freaking slays. This is better than my whole book (That is not finished.)
littlegleek04 littlegleek04 Dec 06, 2015
You did an amazing job of casting Elizabeth Olsen in this book with the Greene family and explained it very well. Good job x I grew up with the Olsens too so that helps me get a better view of everything too, I'm really looking forward to carrying on with this story xoxo