The Demon Prince

The Demon Prince

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Noname By TheLandofFandoms Updated Mar 02, 2017

|| DiabolikLovers x Seme!Male!Reader x Yandere!DiabolikLovers ||{Yukio(Male!Yui) x Seme!Male!Reader}||Male!Oc's x S!M!R||

||Warning: There will be Yaoi or Boy Love, possible lemons, lime and maybe fluff. If you do not like any of these, I suggest you don't read. Peace! You've been warned!||

||Disclaimer: I don't own the anything, but the plot and the cover.... kinda.||

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shit_posts_for_days shit_posts_for_days Jun 01, 2017
OH SHIZ!! It's Canada and America (aka Alfred and Matthew from Hetalia) in the picture
Aloof-Fey Aloof-Fey May 15, 2016
Wait...I'm confused.
                              Is Yukio M!Yui? Or her brother? O.O
                              If it her brother, than where is she?!
crisis_m crisis_m Sep 16, 2015
To me the description was hilarious.... I don't know why, it just is.....
KinTaba KinTaba Aug 19, 2015
you know I was for somrthing like this fic. It's just that it gives me a piece of mind that the brothers could(*Would*) be dominated. XD
- - Aug 19, 2015
                              how did i missed such new masterpiece?
                              ah, i falled asleep...
                              you saved my day!
                              cause i can't really find m!reader fics about this anime :c
                              thank you <3
                              anyways~ awesome chapter!
                              i'm excited for the next chapter's <3
YuulesTheNerdyOtaku YuulesTheNerdyOtaku Aug 19, 2015
Uwahh~ So good so far :3 I can't really find any FFs like these, at least, where the reader is a male x3. Whatever, it really is good *o* So...good job~ /*-*/