The Demon Prince [DISCONTINUED]

The Demon Prince [DISCONTINUED]

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FAKA By TheLandofFandoms Updated Mar 02, 2017

|| DiabolikLovers x Seme!Male!Reader x Yandere!DiabolikLovers ||{Yukio(Male!Yui) x Seme!Male!Reader}||Male!Oc's x S!M!R||

||Warning: There will be Yaoi or Boy Love, possible lemons, lime and maybe fluff. If you do not like any of these, I suggest you don't read. Peace! You've been warned!||

||Disclaimer: I don't own the anything, but the plot and the cover.... kinda.||

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_Tea_and_Biscuits _Tea_and_Biscuits Jun 01, 2017
OH SHIZ!! It's Canada and America (aka Alfred and Matthew from Hetalia) in the picture
AloofFEY AloofFEY May 15, 2016
Wait...I'm confused.
                              Is Yukio M!Yui? Or her brother? O.O
                              If it her brother, than where is she?!
crisis_m crisis_m Sep 16, 2015
To me the description was hilarious.... I don't know why, it just is.....
KinTaba KinTaba Aug 19, 2015
you know I was for somrthing like this fic. It's just that it gives me a piece of mind that the brothers could(*Would*) be dominated. XD
- - Aug 19, 2015
                              how did i missed such new masterpiece?
                              ah, i falled asleep...
                              you saved my day!
                              cause i can't really find m!reader fics about this anime :c
                              thank you <3
                              anyways~ awesome chapter!
                              i'm excited for the next chapter's <3
YuulesTheNerdyOtaku YuulesTheNerdyOtaku Aug 19, 2015
Uwahh~ So good so far :3 I can't really find any FFs like these, at least, where the reader is a male x3. Whatever, it really is good *o* So...good job~ /*-*/