The Demon Prince [BoyxBoy]

The Demon Prince [BoyxBoy]

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Zero By TheLandofFandoms Updated Nov 18

|| Yukio(Male!Yui) x Male!Reader x Yandere!DiabolikLovers ||

(Description Fucked Up)

||Warning: There will be Yaoi or Boy Love, possible lemons, lime and maybe fluff. If you do not like any of these, I suggest you don't read. Peace! You've been warned!||

||Disclaimer: I don't own the anything, but the plot and the cover.... kinda.||

All I can see is Makoto xD Gentle Giant. He's so kawaii! ≧▽≦
RyuuenXKai RyuuenXKai May 15
Wait...I'm confused.
                              Is Yukio M!Yui? Or her brother? O.O
                              If it her brother, than where is she?!
I freaking knew it was the diabolic lovers because of the descriptions from last chapter, called it👌🏽
Lovino-fuckin-Vargas Lovino-fuckin-Vargas Dec 16, 2015
I want to know how can a yelp be manly I mean I'm just curious.
Kanato likes you.  Isn't that right Teddy?  * says and kanato voice *
TheLandofFandoms TheLandofFandoms Sep 16, 2015
@Captain_SilverHeart  *Holds out a cookie* You can have this cookie if you want.