Wolf Brand

Wolf Brand

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Shifter Queen By chloemar2000 Completed

My name is Taguhi Clawmark, yes I know weird last name! (Ta-goo-ah~Taguhi)

I live in the same world you do but there is actually 8 continents, ours is completely werewolves. We have a system and so far it works! When you turn 16 you get your wolf who in turn burns a mark onto you, it signify what level you are.

There is 4 noble packs and 1 peasant pack, some noble family's will have a peasant child and also some peasant family's will have a noble child.

Yes we have mates and if your a peasant your mate is a peasant! If your a noble your mate will be from one of the five noble lines.

There is Lethe, Nuraya, Cira, Sashi, or Tala. They are named after goddess's and we pray to which ever one our group is.

I don't know when my 16 birthday is because I was found in the woods as a baby. It sucks though cause then I would have been prepared for what happened on my walk home from school!
The marks on the title page is exactly what they look like its just on skin. Also it may sound stupid but I didn't want to give anything away. So it's better than it seems!!!

Leavinnng Leavinnng May 09, 2016
way happening after she stepped on the stick?
                              i guess i will have to find out...
Graciebeddow Graciebeddow Jun 01, 2016
I was going to make a book hair like this, but with more supernatural creatires
Leavinnng Leavinnng May 09, 2016
thx 4 not givin anything anything away! and that WOULD be my life
Trisscar Trisscar Dec 06, 2015
I liked your intro, a lot of people give away everything and I feel like "do I have to read it now that I know how it ends?"
Books_Are_My_Life__ Books_Are_My_Life__ Aug 16, 2015
I like the back story to this very much, you just should of have detailed the actual story, even if it wasn't important, I'm really excited to see what happens next, amazing job btw