Asahina Case //Brothers Conflict//

Asahina Case //Brothers Conflict//

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Ellie Ai By Chiorin Completed

Hinata Reimi, also know as Agent Hina, is a secret homicide detective. She's a secret because she's a 19 year old detective! Reimi is the world's youngest to become an authority, but nobody knows that but the station she works with. Torn between many different lives, her family life is currently in the process of living with 13 new brothers with her younger sister. How hard could it possibly be to maintain a life with work, school and family? Especially with a new one! 

This is an OC x OC story. Also contains swearing and rather violent acts. Please enjoy :) 

Brothers Conflict does not belong to me and some cases in this book does not belong to me (I merely got them from crime and investigation games lol)

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_Sedatephobia _Sedatephobia Aug 07, 2017
Roses are red 
                              Thorns are prickly 
                              Let's just say 
                              That escalated quickly
grace5151 grace5151 Dec 18, 2017
I am curious though to think that the father is not worried about 13 guys with a pushover ema and an agent who can get injured who can easily be taken advantage of. I mean, my dad might flip out.
otakubluemoonwolf otakubluemoonwolf Dec 18, 2017
Are you sure that the dad isn't Tomoe 
                              And that Reimi isn't a humanfox
Lilophet Lilophet Sep 24, 2017
My sister always chokes on the rice at dinner and my parents are always saying
                              "Don't cough on the table"
                              It's quite annoying, I always wonder
                              'She must be eating wrong since there's nothing wrong with the food'
                              She's weird
squishyseokjin squishyseokjin Oct 19, 2016
Vince is the name of my boy friend, no, not boyfriend, BOY friend.
Jhzl_Fy Jhzl_Fy Nov 10, 2015
OMG!!!! We both have the same idea for the story, I was thinking making a BroCon Fanfic too inspired by some Case files from other animes, is it okey if I make a story like yours, but different in storyline?