The Bestfriend

The Bestfriend

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I'm almost confident everyone has heard the very overused story of the girl that falls in love with her best friend, the one boy who has stuck by her side like glue through thick and thin. Maybe there are even stories where everything goes smoothy and perhaps they get married, but I'm not as fortunate as the rest. 

He's been my everything since we were four. I developed feelings for him around our middle school years, and only just after was when he got his first girlfriend and shattered my world. I know he'll never reciprocate my feelings, but I've always been optimistic... and I get let down every time. 

There have been periods where it was just us and those were my favorite, when he didn't have a girlfriend, when he didn't cancel our plans, when he showed me how much he truly cares. 

His biggest downfall is loving too hard and fast-just not with me. His heart gets broken far too much for one teenage boy, and I, the one whom has never shattered that organ, the one whom thinks about his feelings more than my own is the one to pick up pieces. 

No matter how many times he hurts me I can't find it in me to do the same. I'm just not sure how much more I can take. I don't know how much longer I can sit back and watch the boy I love, love someone else.

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okay i dont ship Harlena but i can imagine her here so yup i approve
to all the insulting comments up there, since when has a person ever had to be talented in order to be played as a character in a book? Yall are fr dumb as hell.