He's a Pervert (Kyoya x Reader)

He's a Pervert (Kyoya x Reader)

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Nightingrave By Nightingrave Updated Nov 05, 2016

(Y/N) Fujioka. Haruhi's wild and mysterious twin who manages to capture the heart of Kyoya Ootori in 1 day, while his fangirls have been trying for 2 years!

Will Kyoya be able to hold back his perverted side? Is (Y/N) really who she says she is? And who is 'Kuro no Shinigami'?

Read to find out!

.....we most be ferternal twins then... also does 34 DD since the 5th grade count as average
Idk if I am actual average...what is average? Someone pls tell me
-Daddys_Queen- -Daddys_Queen- 4 days ago
Is being a 36B in fifth and going up to a C in sixth is average then yea, im average.
Fiore-Nixa-Atlantis Fiore-Nixa-Atlantis Aug 10, 2016
When your chest isn't average size irl
                              Thank you jesus this makes my job of living a lot easier with small boobs
chippy82577 chippy82577 Dec 30, 2016
I'm 13 7th grade, 32B...I don't think there is an average cause a girl at my school in the same grade looks like a D or something
ElementAngel ElementAngel Jul 24, 2016
That moment when you remember your a 13 year old 36 /38 c and you don't know the average for a 13 year old