He's a Pervert (Kyoya x Reader)

He's a Pervert (Kyoya x Reader)

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Nightingrave By Nightingrave Updated Nov 05

(Y/N) Fujioka. Haruhi's wild and mysterious twin who manages to capture the heart of Kyoya Ootori in 1 day, while his fangirls have been trying for 2 years!

Will Kyoya be able to hold back his perverted side? Is (Y/N) really who she says she is? And who is 'Kuro no Shinigami'?

Read to find out!

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That moment when you remember your a 13 year old 36 /38 c and you don't know the average for a 13 year old
TheLKJ TheLKJ Jul 29
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s-atan s-atan Jul 18
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