Protector (The Ames Sisters Book 1)

Protector (The Ames Sisters Book 1)

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Bonnie Hoffman By WereGirl007 Completed

My name is Devin Ames and I am one of the three werewolves that is actually a witch. The other two, are my little sisters.  We didn't grow up in a pack, our mother and father sheltered my sisters and I, in a large city where most wolves rarely visit. My mother didn't know about spells or why we were born witches, but she knew she would have to protect us from the packs.

I became a lawyer, part of a huge firm. And it wasn't until I accidently started a small fire in the library that I decided to seek out a real witch. I brought my sisters with me and we all started to learn about magic. We were also told some myth about the three of us, but I don't believe a single word of it.

Not until a 6' 4'' wolf appears in the court room and tracks me down the next day.

~~~ Excerpt~~~

"How could you be mine, you smell of witch." He asked shoving my shoulder and I hardened my wondrous look into a glare.

"You're fucking welcome asshole. If I hadn't used my powers to get you out of there you would have been serving 20 years at least." I seethed and turned to walk out the bathroom door he just pushed us both through.

"Take back your spell or whatever." He growled to me and I looked back at him.

"Why would I want you under my spell. You blew up my clients house and look at me like I am a piece of gum on your shoe. Just walk away and forget about me." I told him before pushing to door open and muttering a protection spell so he couldn't touch me.

"I don't even know your first name." He called and I looked back at him before going through the thick crowd of the bar and making it outside before running towards the bus that was at the right place at the right time.

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Beach_Bum13 Beach_Bum13 Mar 12, 2016
I. Need. Moar! Rawr! This one sounds as exciting as the first 3!!! I'm so freaking excited!!!! 😘😍
babe_tae_ babe_tae_ Dec 17, 2015
It sounds great I can't wait to read it and see how you bring all the characters together and now your adding a witch. Oh I can't wait