His Moon, Her Wolf (H.S. werewolf) [UNDER MAJOR RECONSTRUCTION]

His Moon, Her Wolf (H.S. werewolf) [UNDER MAJOR RECONSTRUCTION]

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NamikoB By AellaJaxx Updated Jul 03

He's the rest of my life now. The one that will help me keep the last bit of sanity that I have left. He's the only one left to do so. My family, at least what was left of them at the time, should've been there for me, for us, when they could've been. Now I've been thrown into this whole new world without a clue of how to survive. It's too late to fix anything.

 But it's not like they could.

They were dead. All of them. Slaughtered in cold blood in the name of justice and revenge.

But that's for the sequel....
 Age 4

"Mama? When is Papa coming home?"

"Soon baby. Let's go get lunch."

Age 9

"Why does Papa have to be gone so long?"

"Because he's protecting us baby. Now come, I'm late for a meeting."

Age 14

"Does Papa not want me, Mama? Your excuses for him are-"

"He loves you so much, Artemis. Don't ever doubt his or my love for you but you need to trust me. Trust us. We're just doing what's best for you."

"If you actually loved someone then you wouldn't keep secrets from them."
Now I'm 17. My mom is six feet under and through a mysterious benefactor, my life is about to be as successful as how the Titanic ended. I was a dealt a tragic set of cards and just when I think it can't get any worse, I get proven wrong almost instantly. 

I believe that the almighty ruler above sits on his/her throne and ponders, "How should I ruin Artemis' life today?"

Fate, it has a funny way of playing out. Playing with you, your mind, and forcing you to participate in it's twisted games. And sometimes, it'll kill you in the process.

That's the price we pay. Everyone knows that secrets are never free. They never were. They come with a price that we aren't willing to pay. And unfortunately for the lot of us, we try to run from it and hide, dooming not only us but the ones we love and care for as well. But Fate is the ultimate debt collector and no one can escape when payment is due. 

But when it knocks, I'll be ready.

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Exotic_Black_Rose Exotic_Black_Rose Jun 01, 2017
Omg yas girl!!!😂😂😂😂
                              Beat em' if they get freshy!!😂😂😂😂
PricklyCactus1 PricklyCactus1 Jul 01, 2017
I laugh cause of the line "there ain't that much people wanting surgery in the world" because literally everyone is getting Ass implants and lip injections
SuiteLifeOfHS SuiteLifeOfHS Aug 11, 2017
Yo I could tell this is gonna be a good ass story. 💀❤️😂😂
acleverusername acleverusername Mar 13, 2016
The prologue and first chapter are almost exactly like my old werewolf book 'Lost.' Weird.
AellaJaxx AellaJaxx Mar 13, 2016
Great minds think alike. I wish you would've continued 'Lost' tho but I understand that you had legitimate reasons as to why you didn't. Loving Sudden Silence too. Also you're one of my favorite writers on here 😊