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Alone (H.S. werewolf) [UNEDITED]

Alone (H.S. werewolf) [UNEDITED]

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Ariel Love By aribear01 Completed

He's become my life now. He's saved, protected, fought for, and loved me when no one else did. But it's not like they could.
They were dead. Killed in cold blood.
But that's for the sequel...
 My dad left us when I was a few months old. Nothing but a baby. He left my mom with a note saying how I was a mistake. I've read it and I can't even call him a father anymore. I'm about to start my senior year of high school in a new place. "It's a new start for us." My mom says. Well I'll be the judge of that.
And then, I met him.

Harry Styles.

 He understands me.

His life has been horrible. But I'll save him. I'll help him find himself. I know the feeling and it will consume and turn you bitter, if you let it.

But little did I know that this move wouldn't turn out to be what I thought it was. I didn't think he and I, both, would have to save myself. 

But fate, it has a funny way of playing out. And sometimes, it'll kill you in the process.

Because everyone knows that secrets are never free. They come with a price.

Omg yas girl!!!😂😂😂😂
                              Beat em' if they get freshy!!😂😂😂😂
I laugh cause of the line "there ain't that much people wanting surgery in the world" because literally everyone is getting Ass implants and lip injections
acleverusername acleverusername Mar 13, 2016
The prologue and first chapter are almost exactly like my old werewolf book 'Lost.' Weird.
aribear01 aribear01 Mar 13, 2016
Great minds think alike. I wish you would've continued 'Lost' tho but I understand that you had legitimate reasons as to why you didn't. Loving Sudden Silence too. Also you're one of my favorite writers on here 😊
Omg im trying to vote but wattpad isnt letting me. Sorry. Just know i would have voted 😥