Heartless ♡ Lahey [1]

Heartless ♡ Lahey [1]

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"I've always found you kind of heartless."

"What's the point of having a heart if it doesn't even work?"

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With Derek turning teens left and right, a giant homocidal lizard on the loose, and Lydia Martin going from beauty queen to the town whackjob, there's not much time to relax in Beacon Hills. 

And when Harley accepts an offer she cant refuse, she's automatically thrown into the supernatural world, dealing with all the drama and danger that comes with with it. 

Juggling grades, popularity, and werewolves can't be too hard. 


[Season Two]

I'm actually glad you didn't let Harley have a heart condition, because I have a heart condition and Mitral Valve Prolapse
Isn't anyone else going to talk about the fact that she is using her phone while filling up her car!?
I'm just gonna push aside the fact that candice accola and tyler hoechlin dated in rl
im so hype to read this bcs caroline is fave, i actually am writting a fic w her as my face claim