The Gangleader

The Gangleader

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Ari By The_Sinner Updated Aug 17

Aria is a normal yet pretty 17 year old girl that moved from London to California because her mother got a new job. Now she has to finish her Senior year at Rosewood High with new friends. All she   wanted was to graduate and go to collage, but little does she know that it's all going to change when she meets Erick The Gangleader. 

Erick is not a normal 17 year old guy, he is a gangleader. Since his father stepped down from his spot as the gangleader Erick took over. Erick is what you call a badboy, his gang is one of the most feared ones in the world. He only cares about is his family and his gang nothing else. But that's all gonna change when he meets Aria and starts having feelings for her. The problem is with all the enemies he has will he be able to protect Aria? 

Punches are thrown,
Lies are told, 
Secrets are kept, 
And slowly the number of dead bodies begins to rise. 
Enemies will rise. 
A/N: Please give my book a try it would mean a lot also I'm not really good at description I promise my book is good.

Bïtch you are on Wattpad, do you really think you will success with that?
                              SHE GOT BULLIED CUZ SHE DIDN'T HAVE DAD??
                              BET U THEY DIDN'T HAVE 1 EITHER
emmaloucarr emmaloucarr Aug 16
Just tiny insignificant detail Brits say mum not mom (we spell it the right way....JK PLEASE DON'T KILL ME)
monkytails monkytails Nov 25
I hate that word .Cosy .Its so unnatural .I prefer calling it "Gezellig "
RGlyston RGlyston Sep 26
I love how they say it so casually like "oh yeah they're in a gang, no biggie" I'd be like "WTF IS WRONG WICHU ALL"
No the dot is mine! Mine! And mine only!! 
                              The name of it is Bob. Not Luke Hemmings. Bob