The bad boy next door {COMPLETED}

The bad boy next door {COMPLETED}

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Ariela By iminlovewithyoulove Completed

Lexi is a 17 year old girl 
Moving into a new town of California. 

When she finds out her new neighbor is the bad boy /player of the school

She doesn't know him,
Until she opens the door to see three people 

He teases,he plays,he flirts but little does she knows he has a past. 


Alexander is 17 
He is the schools bad boy/player 
Until someone moves next door 

When he finds out she's a chick 
His friends dare him to flirt and tease her and make her fall in love with him like every other girl is 

Until one day he knocks on her door with two other people 
He notice she is not like every other girl she is different not the ones who fall to his feet but little does he know she has a past

  • badboy
  • kissing
  • nerd
  • partying
  • romance
Babylovepanda1704 Babylovepanda1704 Sep 01, 2017
he is always the badboy character in the badboys story so that i call him "the badboy king👑"
21Quacker 21Quacker Aug 24, 2017
I WISH I HAD A DOG... i've wanted one ever since the age of 5 :c
charlottegadea charlottegadea Jun 16, 2017
Nooooooo !!! Why would you go for neon green ?? It will stand out more
Babylovepanda1704 Babylovepanda1704 Sep 01, 2017
i know that from "the badboy teach me how to Fight " i learn i lot on wattpad
jazlinelg jazlinelg May 01, 2017
I was eating an orange when I was reading this and I burst out laughing then started choking now I'm in teara
WEREWOLF1219 WEREWOLF1219 May 30, 2017
Oh my gosh I wouldn't have done that I would've kicked him where the sun doesn't shine