Texts From the Ultimates + Hajime

Texts From the Ultimates + Hajime

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OJ Hope N'Games By KomaHinaNami Updated May 24, 2016

Texts from yours truly... Dangan Ronpa and Super Dangan Ronpa 2 characters! What would happen if our beloved Ultimates (and Hajime, the normal ahoge boy) texted each other? Want an answer? Read the story, if you dare! What a despairbly hopeful adventure this will be ;D haha...ha.

~ May have spoilers
~ Most of the texts are from my mind BUT I will include some texts I found on various websites and credit them if I can 
~ There will be some ship pairings in this book,  so no hate if you dislike a certain ship(s)
~ Togami will certainly not acknowledge your existence during the time before, during, and after you read this story
~ Nagei is the Ahoge king
~ Komaeda will certainly not run for anyone OR anything...besides hope....and for Hajime...
( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)

***Requests are welcomed! Have one? Comment below or message me, and I'll try to fulfill your wish as soon as possible***

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Okay, I really love him like f*cking love him, but I have a confession.
                              I hate bagels.
*Facepalms hard enough that my hand goes through my face*
                              Oh well I still love you Nagito ^.^
feeliciano feeliciano Nov 10
"If I run to Hajimeme he will most certainly catch me in his arms" *runs to Hajimeme* "NOOO I'M HOLDING OJ" *drops OJ to catch KoBAEDADDY*
So.... I can just take one anyway
                              Komaeda: that would be stealing 
                              Me: not if you don't know
Kurorin-Trashbin Kurorin-Trashbin Jun 04, 2016
Hmm...lemme see if I'm gonna be ok with this...
                              Togami cactus?
                              Ahoge king?
                              KOMAEDA RUNNING?
                              OKEI ITS DECIDED I'M 400% OKEI WITH ALL OF THIS
Ecopia Ecopia Jan 31
*makes the < part of the heart into a triangle* KOMAEDA IS ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED!!!!