I love you, Lucy Heartfilia

I love you, Lucy Heartfilia

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Elliana Jane By NeonVolts Completed

Natsu Dragneel is goofy, destructive, loyal, and spontaneous. Nothing could ever waver his loyalty when it comes to the people he truly cares about. 

Except one thing, love. Natsu has never really known what this emotion is. When he falls head over heels for a beautiful blonde wizard named Lucy Heartfilia, he doesn't know what to do with himself. 

So he seeks help. Just when he thought he'd finally got it all down, the complication sets in. Separating him and Lucy and causing her to leave for good. 

He has to find a way to bring the love of his life back to the guild and back into his world.

Nobody's gonna comment that typo? 'Nastu' haha no but I love this story ^3^
afrina2go afrina2go 5 days ago
This is new, first time I actually heard "burnt chicken leg" as an insult.
Finally yas, yas, yas - rolling on the floor and screaming in pillow 💍💚💙💜👪💑💏👫
So u love levy now natsu?
                              I'M GOING TO KILL U NALU AND GALE FOR LIFE
afrina2go afrina2go 5 days ago
If Mira was here well...  You know what will happen so why should I explain right 😉
I love nalu but if she says like gray or something I'm gonna puss myself from laughing so hard