Yes Uzumaki-sensei [Uzumaki Naruto X Uchiha Sasuke](SasuNaru / NaruSasu)

Yes Uzumaki-sensei [Uzumaki Naruto X Uchiha Sasuke](SasuNaru / NaruSasu)

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Kageyama D Akira By Kageyama_D_Akira Completed

Warning! This book may contain the following:

+ Course language

+ Gay couples / Homosexual relationships


In Sasuke's final year of Akatsuki Senior High, a new teacher joins the faculty.

His name is Uzumaki Naruto.

As Sasuke discovers his feelings for the young teacher, he isn't the only one. 

Both teachers and students have been taken by Uzumaki-sensei's cheerful and hopeful personality.

It isn't likely that Sasuke will be the one to take the teacher's heart.

But Sasuke will hang onto that hope, how ever.

jacksoen jacksoen Oct 07, 2016
I chuckled but the realized this is real which made me say these words out loud.
                              "Uh what"
VeggieStick VeggieStick Aug 04, 2016
Every time I hear/see his name now! I think of the Bijuu(?) song!
o_author o_author Nov 28, 2016
The way you wrote this makes it seem as though the paragraph was already in English, just want to help
kawaiigaycatguys kawaiigaycatguys Sep 21, 2016
no I mean well gaara is amazing and all but I need my regular sasunaru!!....
Otakuchild0820 Otakuchild0820 Oct 28, 2016
I Ship it..... then again I ship everything.... I ship the fridge and myself sooo...
shybluebird shybluebird Sep 04, 2016
They always make Sasuke the teacher because he's smart af and stuff but this way it's a lot more interesting if you ask me *cough cough*