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Bet Her Virginity

Bet Her Virginity

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emogirliex0x0x0 By emogirliex0x0x0 Updated Oct 10, 2011

When the two new kids roll into town Sophie is amazed at how beautiful the twins are, and how different they are. Ethan acts like the perfect guy, carefree, has that spark that makes all the girls at school swoon at his perfect body and dark brown hair. Damon is entirely different. He is cautious, thoughtful, and amazing. But both of our perfect guys are keeping a dark secret. They made a bet that the first one to "pop Sophie's cherry" to win bragging rights and mommy and daddy's insanely expensive house in the Hamptons, in the will. Well unbeknownst to them, Sophie isn't a virgin.

Fudge_toffee_pudding Fudge_toffee_pudding Feb 05, 2016
Don't you mean Johnny and not Joey??  You must really like the name Joey coz he seems to be everywhere but nowhere, lol
RedLipClassicSwiftie RedLipClassicSwiftie May 16, 2016
How could someone tell that she was a Virgin like that? Or why did they think she was a Virgin?
JelenaBieberGomez JelenaBieberGomez Jun 03, 2015
That's why you should never lose your virginity wait a couple of months to see if he's the right guy or right after you get married
InfinityyAK InfinityyAK Aug 07, 2014
I really want to read this book but she hasn't updated in like two years so I guess I won't read it::/
JessieG17 JessieG17 Jul 23, 2014
love the car :-) great writing skills shown in here too. haven't seen any grammar or spelling errors either :-)
5sOs_DoeCx 5sOs_DoeCx Jan 20, 2014
Yea hello. This is god. I came to tell ya. You're awesome c;