Another Life (Narry) (Boyxboy)

Another Life (Narry) (Boyxboy)

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Addy By Blondhes Updated Oct 12

"We were in love once, don't you remember?"


Hi! Sadly, this story idea is not mine. It is @underwears  idea. Although this idea might not be mine, the story is. So please do not copy this in any way, shape or form. Thank you!

Kiss you because they just look like they are having the time of thier lives.
I love Niall because he is friends with everyone.  He is just light personified.  
                               I really love the Night Changes video.
justxnarryx justxnarryx Oct 09
I like the History and Drag me down video the most. Niall's and Louis' friendship is great in this book. :D
Why is that so me like I'm a potato but I believe that one day I'll be the potato I want to be
I mean after all this time.......HIsTORY...makes me cry so fuckin emotions
hosaneebhamini hosaneebhamini Oct 15, 2015
Really!!! I didn't know there was seven person who looked like us.