Ereri (Smut one shots)

Ereri (Smut one shots)

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ImalaTheWolf By ImalaTheWolf Updated Aug 16, 2015

I don't even know what I am doing with my life. :'D 
I just ship Ereri pretty hard and got bored in summer. 

Sorry if it sucks >_<  this is my first Yaoi Fanfiction. Please don't hate me ;-; 

 Contains: Hardcore Yaoi, Ereri, and my bad English

emilylooloo emilylooloo May 10
I thought it was about the mirror... btw it's rear view mirror i think...
Everyone is making "Senpai notice me" jokes and I'm over here like...stalker? Ok, Eren, you aren't Yoonbum and this isn't Killing Stalking so calm yo'self
i just died life is complete... ;-; thank you...
Me too 
                              *gets arrested* 
                              *while being arrested* 
                              *falls asleep*
                              Yup definitely something I would do
xxclichesxx xxclichesxx Jul 02
Well that esculated quickly u no maybe a date or a cup of coffee wud be nice and I just realised how bad I feel for the guy in the cell next to hos
atleast buy him a drink first. or just take him to your place, id ont care \(-3')/