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Ereri (Smut one shots)

Ereri (Smut one shots)

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ImalaTheWolf By ImalaTheWolf Updated Aug 16, 2015

I don't even know what I am doing with my life. :'D 
I just ship Ereri pretty hard and got bored in summer. 

Sorry if it sucks >_<  this is my first Yaoi Fanfiction. Please don't hate me ;-; 

 Contains: Hardcore Yaoi, Ereri, and my bad English

emilylooloo emilylooloo May 10
I thought it was about the mirror... btw it's rear view mirror i think...
YangireAlex YangireAlex May 26
Everyone is making "Senpai notice me" jokes and I'm over here like...stalker? Ok, Eren, you aren't Yoonbum and this isn't Killing Stalking so calm yo'self
Roselovespie69 Roselovespie69 a day ago
i just died life is complete... ;-; thank you...
Me too 
                              *gets arrested* 
                              *while being arrested* 
                              *falls asleep*
                              Yup definitely something I would do
Roselovespie69 Roselovespie69 a day ago
atleast buy him a drink first. or just take him to your place, id ont care \(-3')/
NaomeKight NaomeKight Mar 19
Levi: I'm sorry sir but he got awaywith the thing he stole. 
                              Chief: what did he steal?
                              Levi:A KISS
                              Chief:[0-0]THE SHIP HAD SAILED!!!WWWWOOOOOOOOOOOO*runs and jumps off cliff yelling "IT HAS SAILD"*