Stalker// dolantwins

Stalker// dolantwins

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"bro- bro c'mon it's my turn lemme see!" Grayson shouted. "fine but better not look at her." 

"Well that's obviously what I was going to do.." He said yanking the binoculars from my hand, adding a hiss to it. (completed ♡)

disclaimer: I was very like 12 when I wrote this so yeah it's most likely gonna be cringeeee but yeah alright enjoy :)

One time i was asleep till 3 pm so my mom got the hose from outside and sprayed it at me😂😂😂 beat mom ever.......
NyaNance NyaNance Aug 15
I wasn't trying to be mean to you, I was talking about me. Sorry if I came of that way.
dolansidk dolansidk Aug 03
My parents just let me sleep and argue with me when I wake up Bc I'm a totally bïtch if you wake me up 😂
My mom calls me mrs.face slap,I don't know why..wait I know why,it's because I trip over nothing and land straight on my face...thanks mom 😂
My mom just turns on the light and says "wake up it's almost 1" in Spanish when it's really 10 like can u not pls
I tripped when I went up the stairs and my juice was like f you and flew all over the carpet