Stalker// dolantwins

Stalker// dolantwins

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"bro- bro c'mon it's my turn lemme see!" Grayson shouted. "fine but better not look at her." 

"Well that's obviously what I was going to do.." He said yanking the binoculars from my hand, adding a hiss to it. (completed ♡)

disclaimer: I was very like 12 when I wrote this so yeah it's most likely gonna be cringeeee but yeah alright enjoy :)

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MONAGHAN1993 MONAGHAN1993 Nov 20, 2017
Ethan needs a good beating talking to his mother like that!!??🤜🤜🤜🤜😂😂
flyawaynydia flyawaynydia Nov 02, 2017
My mom turns on the light and shouts to me “ya despiértate pendeja”
Malsow Malsow Dec 18, 2017
For a moment there I thought her mom was abusive 😶 I gots scared
lea_baby7 lea_baby7 Nov 10, 2017
I slept on my dogs bed once and i regret it bc i woke up smelling like dog and all three of there asses were in my face
1-8000-karmasabitch 1-8000-karmasabitch Nov 18, 2017
Ye Lisa this is the century of fucboi doing grind on me and of fuc girls posting nude musicallys. What a great centuries
Frannybeau Frannybeau Dec 27, 2017
That's ok you can have Ethan's or GrayBae and forget about this Brandon kid 😉