If our world was different...

If our world was different...

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She lay there dying beside the red head, using the last of her antidotes she gave to the extra party she had. 

Her soft pink hair blew a bit to the red head as they both gazed upon the clear blue sky.

"Hey.... If we were to be in a different time.... Do you think we couldve been friends?" His voice rasped as his breathing was laboured.

"Of course...." She replied giving a little cough as they both took their last breath gazing at the cool sky.

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Let say.....Sasori and Sakura both had an inner and they might or might not been twins, so who knows
                              IS THIS A SAKUSASO???? THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!!
in the pic, the babies look like a distorted heart, cant see it, but you sorta can.
They're TWINS!?!!!??!!!!!!!!!!! I THOUGHT A COUPLE!!!!!!!😭😭😭😭😭
Naw, kaaawaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiii I JUST WANT TO SQUEEZE YOU TWO TO DEATH!!!!SO KAWAIIIII *Keeps fan...boying?*
Everything shall change, my dear Sasori-Chan, everything shall change, hopefully for the better, yeah?