Grandson of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named aka Voldemort

Grandson of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named aka Voldemort

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CastNoShadow By SoCastNoShadow Updated Aug 06, 2016

Percy Jackson was having a great 5 minutes back with his mum after the war when out of the blue 2 wizards, one nice and kind and the other glaring at him like there was no tomorrow, turned up at his doorstep telling him he was the grandson of an evil wizard, Voldemort. Join Percy as he travels with his mother to Europe; where it all began. Watch him make friends and enemies along the way. 

Percabeth, and all the other ships some of which I think should sink. Like the titanic. Dramatically and slowly and painfully. Don't judge me. Currently writing quickly because I'm on holiday. Soon enough I will be in school again and I will not have as much time so... Enjoy it while it lasts. 

(btw, I own the pic of Hogwarts. You are not allowed to edit it or take it. I own full rights to it)

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Larry_Oreo Larry_Oreo Nov 29, 2017
It’s PERCY not PERSEUS  only people who want to kill Percy call him Perseus
RulerOfMidgard RulerOfMidgard Jun 11, 2017
Everyone in their right mind wouldn't blame the family. Who in their right mind would?
SilverWolfFeather SilverWolfFeather Mar 21, 2017
Origional character but since its origional its you own character
NewtJackson24 NewtJackson24 Aug 18, 2017
Did you by any chance died or went to asylum? I know, bad question. But seriously. You haven't updated in a year!!!
Tetsumi_Chan Tetsumi_Chan May 28, 2017
Thank you so I'm not the only one who hates Harry and Jenny ship???
katrinaxoxoxo katrinaxoxoxo May 04, 2017
It's fine if you do  I haven't killed that many *person looks at me* I should not have said that