The Legend of Zelda: The Fall of Hyrule ✔️

The Legend of Zelda: The Fall of Hyrule ✔️

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When the three goddesses of the Triforce unintentionally grant the Princess of Hyrule the Triforce of Power, and the evil locked away from the world the Triforce of Wisdom, everything is in chaos as it was before, only it's the princess this time who's causing the trouble.
  Zelda had been power hungry for years. Years before the mark of the Triforce of Power appeared on the back of her hand, she'd always thrown fits if something didn't go her way. Now, at only seventeen and fully gifted with the Triforce of Power, she made sure things went her way, and her way only.
  Ganondorf had escaped the Sacred Realm somehow, and returns to the Gerudo Village in peace. Accidentally blessed with the Triforce of Wisdom, he acknowledges the Gerudo's hard work and thrives to make his village a better place for everyone.
  Link, still possessing the Triforce of Courage, has been assigned to be Zelda's personal bodyguard and do something horribly wrong to please her majesty, which he does not partake in ever doing.
  Fate brings Link and Ganondorf face to face. Somehow, Link and Ganondorf team up and secretly plot against the princess to stop her vile plans to make Hyrule miserable.
  After all, it was Courage and Wisdom who saved Hyrule all those times before, right?


[Post OoT; Before the events of TP]

The Legend of Zelda belongs to Nintendo. 
Cover made by me, art used belongs to E-lien on deviantART. 

Published: August 31, 2015
Completed: March 9, 2017

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