FAKE - Troyler (AU)

FAKE - Troyler (AU)

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- Smokey Quartz - By SmokeyQuartz Completed

Tyler Oakley couldn't be more popular. Football captain and quarterback of St Jude's high award winning team, openly gay and the sweetest guy you will ever meet. 
Troye Sivan Mellet..well, he's a different story. A face more perforated than a siv, he's pierced and made up all in black, the scent of cheap cigarette smoke and polo red are synonymous with him. His somewhat 'intimidating' fashion sense is not why people hate him though, oh no. They hate him because he is the very definition of the word asshole. He bullies anyone he can get his claws into. He selects his victims on a weekly basis, making their lives a living hell before moving onto his next chosen victim the next week over. 
But there's more than meets the eye when it comes to the homophobic Aussie lad. And after a decidedly traumatic occurrence, Tyler can't help but want to know Troye, even if Troye is insistent of being left alone and hated. 

Warnings for:
•mentions of eating disorders 
•someone recovering from depression 
•suicide (not of a main character, though- I apologise in advance) 
•sexual assault 
•mentions of domestic abuse and rape
•mentions of parental abuse and rape (a father abusing his daughter) 
•identity disorders 
•mentions of murder (matricide and patricide) 
•mental illnesses in general 
•consumption of alcohol 
•consumption of prescription drugs 

[aside from all the triggers the story's not too traumatic and gut-wrenching in itself, I promise]

Also the votes and comments I've received thus far are so kind, and mean so much to me. So please, don't be shy! If you wanna comment then please do, all votes and reads are genuinely SO appreciated, and if anyone ever wants to chat then I have a Twitter just for this Wattpad account, which is '@_SmokeyQuartz'.

Ammers12 Ammers12 4 days ago
This is like the one millionth time I've read this.....get ready bitches 🖤💯👌🏻😘💚
I thought he said "other than dick" and I was like well zayum Tyler chill
keepasnake keepasnake Jun 25, 2016
no no no dont say to people "why dont you just kill yourself" nononono please
2016393hla 2016393hla Sep 17, 2016
So what if I'm crazy all the best people are
                              that Reference thooooo
otptroyIer otptroyIer Oct 26, 2016
Where is my prescription? 
                              Doctor, docter please listen. 
                              My brain is shattered, you be the Alice I'll be the Mad Hatter
Deejisreadingsmuttho Deejisreadingsmuttho Jul 17, 2016
Tyler you dick you can't just say "why not just kill yourself?" To someone D: