When Severus finds out that one-year old Harry Potter has been shipped off to an orphanage by his relatives, it angers him. Who would have thought that he would actually adopt the baby? But Snape is only doing it for Lily. Will he ever love Harry for who he is, despite the dark history? As grudges and hatred surface, Severus tries to find good in little Harry. Babyfic. Dark.

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FanticyLove FanticyLove 5 days ago
Where's that sign I have here? Oh! Here it is! *Holds up a sign that says 'NO!' And 'ALWAYS' in Snape's handwriting.*
FanficgirlAlb FanficgirlAlb May 22, 2017
Lies! *points accusingly at Dumbledore* Your lies will never penetrate my mind!
KateClassic16 KateClassic16 Oct 05, 2017
I'll believe it
                              When Drapple happens.
MomandNina4ever MomandNina4ever Nov 30, 2017
I'll start believing your lies
                              When I'm stupid and my future children don't know what the hell Harry Potter is
boylips boylips Sep 13, 2016
You know what im not even gonna read this because in the nice version i cried A LOT so i don't even want to know how much i would cry if i read this
Hermy-own-ninny Hermy-own-ninny Nov 25, 2016
i read the nice version, and i wanted it to be darker, so this will be perfect *cackles*