The Redlands [FEATURED]

The Redlands [FEATURED]

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Sam Castle By Sam_Castle Completed

In the Redlands, a field sown in demon blood, John Fontayne faces his own demons. A Faustian pact may lead him to the other side, but it will not protect him from the monsters that hunger for him. 

A gothic horror story set in the Australian outback. If you like this story, check out its companion, Releasing Sin. 


flashhitter flashhitter Mar 24, 2016
Sweet, cool idea! Hopefully you become successful with it! (Well hopefully both of us become successful with our books haha)
MichaelCrow MichaelCrow Jul 13, 2016
Not a bad start, but not sure what the hook is outside of his friends leaving him. If not for the cover and description promising more I probably wouldn't continue to read. Strong hook should happen in the first chapter, if not first paragraph.
Sam_Castle Sam_Castle Mar 24, 2016
@flashhitter thank you! The image of a red field, full of demons or monsters, but contained by a white fence, just came to me one day. I usually work with an external prompt, so the fully formed image was very creepy!
flashhitter flashhitter Mar 24, 2016
Awesome! We don't get enough horror stories about Australia, this is a good read! How'd you get the idea for it?
luckmanhat luckmanhat Feb 16, 2016
I'd love for someone to read my story and give me some feedback
Odst093 Odst093 Sep 22, 2016
So far a good start, though I'm trying to picture John and his friends, but considering the beer, women and marijuana lifestyle, it should be to hard to figure looks. Good start.