RECOVER-Dramione Fanfiction

RECOVER-Dramione Fanfiction

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Hermione Granger's life has changed a lot after divorce,her life is sliping by her hands and she can't control it.What happens when one day she meets a boy who was once her enemy?


god I ship dramione so hard...and when your friends hate have to be secret with this stuff xd
alexhaggertyy alexhaggertyy Jan 30, 2016
I already know the lack of spaces between punctuation is going to get me
MeCowEatHuman MeCowEatHuman Mar 08, 2016
You seriously wrote a fan-fiction were Ron cheated? He has loved Hermione since second year!! I am literally heart broken but DRAMIONE FORVER!!!!!!!
Siriusly_a_phangirl Siriusly_a_phangirl Jan 22, 2016
*takes out wand* can I help you?
                              Oh that's right I never got my Hogwarts letter...
                              That's all right *takes out Machete* *smiles evilly * anyone know where to hide the body?
Werepanther Werepanther Dec 29, 2015
RON!! *laughs like a maniac* who else could ever possibly fall for Ron unless he met Lavender again... Or whatever her name is. 
                              Ron Weasely you didn't deserve Hermione in the first place tsk tsk tsk
busyfandoming busyfandoming Dec 26, 2015
just wanted to say that Emma Watson did say that she had a big crush on Tom Felton when she was younger. So technically dramione was/is real