Green & Yellow shoes (hartbig AU)

Green & Yellow shoes (hartbig AU)

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It was getting late, and my in tray still had more papers in it that my out tray. I let out a deep sigh and look at the clock on the desktop in front of me. All of my work colleagues had left hours ago, and the cleaners are already here. 

I look out the window of my office building and all I can see is the desolated streets of LA only lit by a few street lights. 

I feel my phone buzz in my back pocket, I grab it out and see a text from my best friend/roommate Tyler, we have been best friends since high school and I love the boy like a brother.

"Gurl !!! Are you still at work?
Can you please pick up some milk on the way home. 
Luv ya 😘 "

I quickly tap out a reply of "sure dude no problems I'll see you soon", and pack up my things, I think to myself that I've had about enough of this place for one day and make my way to the elevator.


As I walk into the apartment I hear Tyler singing at the top of his lungs to the new Mamrie Hart song on the radio....

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