My birthday cop is my teacher?

My birthday cop is my teacher?

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Charlotte By secret_dont_tell_Xx Completed

Ariel, AKA Jasper is dyslexic. She stays behind in high school while her twin sister Aquata goes of to collage.
On her 19th birthday party shes having a small house party with her best friends, Chrissie, Jessica, Kaya and Emma, when the present they got for her walks in. Wearing a police uniform and with his 2 sexy back up.

Aaron Lawing is new town and trys to make a bit of money before he has to go to his new teaching job. The only job he could get at the time was as a stripper. On the 29th of October he goes to a house for a girls 19th, he takes his 2 best friends Wess and Mitch and they spend the night. Aaron liked Jasper he decided he wanted a relationship with her. Only 1 problem. She is to be his student.

Jasper may be dyslexic but shes AMAZING at art and when she gets a new art teacher, she realises that lifes not all as it seems.

  • aaron
  • cluelessness
  • gayness
  • jasper
  • lover
  • mitch
  • police
  • stripper
  • student
  • teacher
  • twins
  • wess
  • work
HazelEyes14 HazelEyes14 Aug 05, 2017
Serioisly? A 3 year age difference? And she is over 18. Perfectly legal.
CurlyAnocas CurlyAnocas Dec 06, 2016
You talking about 3 year difference? Please girl i read stories with like 20 year difference
Shy_Introvert_ Shy_Introvert_ Jun 23, 2016
They were born in 1982 but the little mermaid came out in 1989
dirtystoriesreviewer dirtystoriesreviewer Mar 24, 2015
I'm sorry but your story sounds like it was written by a ten year old. It's some sort of unrealistic utopia.
Cortney668 Cortney668 Feb 28, 2015
Like the book so far plus my son birthday is Oct 27-11 so ill keep reading
halozeve halozeve Dec 22, 2011
                              its alright:) better than none at all:)