you stupid?

you stupid?

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Eden By jf0039 Updated May 09

"you stupid?" I asked.  That was the only explanation I came up with as to why he said I belong to him. 
"Depends." ; He said with a smirk on his face. And at that I just rolled my eyes 

"Lord save me from this dramatic ass hole!"
And before I knew it ... his lips are on mine...


Cassy reed. A smart 17 year old girl who has spent her hole life street fighting. At home she is an undefeated champion. At school she is a nerd. Why you ask. Well where would be the fun in me telling you 

Kane brooks. A player. A bad boy. A gang leader. A criminal.  At 17 he has more power than a police sherif. He's been taught to kill. But what happens when Cassy reed shows up at a drop off and what happens when she fights her way out an makes a run with all the cash. Will Kane find her and kill her or will he find her an fall.

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Kiki-moore Kiki-moore May 07, 2017
How can u have a 3 minute shower 
                              U basically​ just standing it the water
lexi2004yolo lexi2004yolo May 09, 2016
Lol I usually don't but for someone who speaks the same language as me I will that language being sarcasm
fourkisses fourkisses Nov 23, 2016
I really dont get the whole naming cars thing no offence but i think its stupid
midnightskies- midnightskies- Jun 17, 2016
She should be happy she has to put on fake pimples and they're not there naturally lmao. I WISH my pimples were fake
latinapower_mskrazie latinapower_mskrazie Jul 15, 2016
U should watch the movie Girl Fight, I'd probably give u some ideas for this  book. I'm a new reader BTW and I look forward to reading the chapters u have already written.
cindytdoann cindytdoann May 03, 2016
It's funny how when someone tell me not to read it I read it but when someone tell me to read it I don't 😂✌️Lol