Wicked Grace (on hiatus)

Wicked Grace (on hiatus)

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M.C Reath By Abluefiction Updated Oct 29, 2015

A day without backstabbing, guiltless murder, lies and deceptions would be a considered a day orchestrated by the gods themselves. But in the royal court of Amaranth where lust for power breeds dangerous beasts, such days are nonexistent. Not with every noble staking their lives in an ancient, never ending game of Wicked Grace.

Avia is a girl forgotten. Enslaved by a cruel mistress, she is beaten and left in an underground cell where light does not touch, and the horrors of the dark unfold in a sinister play. This however changes when a dashing lord buys her freedom.

However, such lucky chances do not come without price. Revealed to be a long, lost heiress Avia is plunged into a world of conniving nobility, and unforgiving deities. All the while she dances a dangerous dance with the prince, in hopes of redeeming her family's lost name.

Will she fall to the preying beasts that has watched her? Or will she stand above them and declare herself the champion of the endless game?