The False Vampire

The False Vampire

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Adrienne Hurriet-Haider always believed she had a simple life, and suddenly she's thrust into a world that most remain oblivious too.

Busy dodging the sun, brownies and memory enchantments, Adrienne realises her life will forever be different.

xxLilMinx xxLilMinx Jun 14, 2013
this is an unique concept in that this girl isn't being taken from a normal life to throw in a vampire's world in that this girl would have been better off if she was in it.
SallySandwich SallySandwich Sep 05, 2012
I kinda looked at this and thought OMGGGGGG ANOTHER VAMPIRE STORY!? I will admit I didn't quite go back and read the prologue! Hahaha!
kviveiros kviveiros Jun 07, 2012
So far, I like this. Vampire stories usually aren't my thing, but this seems interesting. I like your word choice, and your descriptions. I like how you ended the chapter leaving me wanting more :) So far, so good!
BordeauxChic BordeauxChic Jun 06, 2012
This story seems very interesting! I like your description a lot! You use strong vocabulary and your words flow! It's really good!
Demoiselle_dragonfly Demoiselle_dragonfly Jun 05, 2012
Its what the kids have in 'The others'...thats about all i know lol!! Or knew, before i read this ^_^ This should probably be moved to the beginning i think!
Demoiselle_dragonfly Demoiselle_dragonfly Jun 05, 2012
This is a really interesting story! Really unique and Adreinne is such a unique and cool character! There are a few tiny mistakes and the chapters are pretty short but still good :)