꒰ home ꒱ 🍥༄

꒰ home ꒱ 🍥༄

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alexa´- By yoonsundae Completed

"home is wherever you are."

          ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*

          in which aubrey found love in the arms of him.

ParkSahra ParkSahra Aug 16
Brother Coups seems so formal...my brother would have been all like...Hey your coming to Korea next week to live with me and my members.Oh and you're sleeping on the couch by the way....sighs
We the same. I like to refer to my friends as peasants. 
                              Jk. (Not Jungkook.)
I would bro. I mean, they (seventeen) don't even get to judge me 'cause I'm leader Coups' sister so it's all good.
Oml. Seungcheol is my ideal boyfriend. Lmao. I wasn't expecting this. I thought her brother would be someone like Mingyu.
jenokook jenokook Jul 17
Y'all I'm feel weirded out because two days ago I had a dream about this guy call 'Nathan' and I don't know anyone call Nathan in my life wth
pariswns pariswns Jul 21
When I first saw seventeen I thought there were around 20 boys