Unsent Messages

Unsent Messages

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Avery Mcallister By mtndewforlife01 Completed

"Adventure is inspiring, but so is nostalgia."

A story about a girl who writes messages to a boy along the start, then halt, of their relationship, but leaves them unsent. And along the way, she discovers what it means to get over the pain of inconclusive situations, and, above all, how to make yourself happy.

©All Rights Reserved to Avery Mcallister - mtndewforlife01 (That is me, in case you were wondering.)

Cover credit goes to @Whisper-

Rankings; Highest:  #20 Short Story ~ 1/27/16

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DanaTheWriter DanaTheWriter Jul 05, 2016
And so it begins... :) I'm glad that these are short, so it means I'll be able to read a lot in an extensive period of time. But I'm also sad that they're short, because then I have less of your lovely writing to read.
roseyxnights roseyxnights Aug 26, 2016
I kinda feel like I should read all of it but I don't really want to
xXRoCraft_Ebookzx xXRoCraft_Ebookzx Jan 05, 2016
*stands up and starts clapping loudly and irritatingly* WHALE GUYS WAY TO END A GREAT MOVIE LETS GO HOME NOW!
aquagiraffe aquagiraffe Dec 14, 2015
The answered question asked so often...sigh. This story is so relatable and I'm only on the first paragraph :")
SydTheSquid12345 SydTheSquid12345 Dec 08, 2015
PLOT TWIST *waves arms around like crazy* TTTTTTTHERES A PLOT TWIST