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A Pet

A Pet

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divine r. By divineraposo08 Updated May 09, 2016

16 year old Nina Wilson is the daughter to an Alpha, but her mother was an omega. Once an omega and alpha mate well you'll get a runt, but no one knew this at the time. So Nina's father got angry with this and mated with another alpha female to have a more powerful heir. Over the years I guess you can say her father was still not happy that his daughter was a runt he basically disowned her since she was weak, but still lived her. One day Nina plans to runaway but what happens when she dose this in broad day light and is found as a stray pup by some hikers, well she gets put in a pet store and sold to Werecats. Could this get anymore worse? Well I don't know I guess you just have to find out.

Ya this is pretty good for a 12 year old! Like wow. I love the plot line too. Maybe a bit more details of her original pack, like a chapter showing us how she was abused and such, but otherwise its great!
Muskeet Muskeet Mar 04, 2016
Updateeeeeeeeeeee  pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee  😡  😡  😢  😢  😯  😣
Wouldbebookstalker Wouldbebookstalker Nov 06, 2016
I like your story and the writing isn't atrocious so I can't judge.
LostCrisom LostCrisom Oct 15, 2016
Dang, your 12? That's pretty good writing! At 12 I was still tryying to figure out paragraphs even though I had read about a thousand books by then
VicentiaAnaman VicentiaAnaman Sep 17, 2016
Darling u great okay, u av got me pined down my darling. N I luv ur style of writing n ur diction my dearest @ ur age I tynk dat jux wonderful honey
LetaHallmark LetaHallmark Oct 15, 2016
I like the pet twist. Usually they make it so the person runs away, turns out to be awesome, turns rouge, other pack takes them in, takes revenge on old pack, and all that crap. And I'm 12, too. I like this book.