Saving Him

Saving Him

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Isabelle Jacobs By GarysLittleEeveeGirl Updated Jun 18

Ash and Gary have known each other since they were little, and grew up to be rivals. Gary never admitted it but Ash was his most important friend. Was.

Ash has been missing for several months, and Gary is determined to do whatever it takes to find him. Only thing is, Gary is remembering every thing he and Ash did. He looses sleep from the memories, and there is also the fact that he is denying he has any kind of feelings for his raven hair friend. 

He loves Ash with every ounce of being in him, and that only makes him want to find Ash more.

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celinV celinV Jul 05
I'm crazy for gayness that I watch lots of anime just to read fanfics about them, and I no pokemon fan
Did Team Rocket get instantly smart!??!? How is this possible!? I NEED ANSWERS!!!!
AshYouAreMyHero AshYouAreMyHero Feb 05, 2016
No no no its Ok.. I love it, I love this book..I LOVE IT!!! when are you gonna update.. I can't wait!!!
Vanguard16 Vanguard16 Sep 19, 2016
... No matter the case, Team Rocket is too stupid to be able to capture them...
*growls* NO MATTER WHAT I SHALL STOP THEM!!! GO RESHIRAM! *sends out Reshiram* DESTROY THIS PLACE!!! *Reshiram uses Fusion Flare*
Melsistaken587 Melsistaken587 Nov 20, 2016
Don't they hate each other 
                              Why do I even bother anymore