Nekos and vampires (junjou romantica and sekai ichi hatsukoi fan fic)

Nekos and vampires (junjou romantica and sekai ichi hatsukoi fan fic)

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in the world of vampires there are different people, including snakes, dogs,crocodiles, and the rarest of them all, cats. In this world all animal humans are considered enemies and are either killed or become slaves of vampires. nekos though are considered a dellacasy.

Ritsu Onodera was born different. he had cat ears and a tail. but like any fornen (animal humans) he can hide them. after a conflict during his highschool years he runs away to help other fornens fight against vampires. now he is 23 and still fighting against vampires, but what happens when hes captured and taken by the vampires.

Misaki Takashi was born a cat or neko. his brother though wasn't and was friends with many vampires. when his brother Takahiro, gets engaged and leaves what will he do?

i will write all the characters from sekai ichi hatsukoi and junjou romantica in this book. i own none of these characters. support the series by buying the original copy. bye!

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Wowthatsamazhang Wowthatsamazhang Aug 28, 2017
Anyone else reading that as semmmpai?
                              No? Just me? Ok, I'll go back to my ditch.
ytfnitrcbjy ytfnitrcbjy Mar 13
Wow just gonna take my heart and sit it on fire?! I mean when they say betrayal they dont mean date, love, reassure, trust, then destroy entire life with the word "ha"... I mean geeseeeeee
ArisonX ArisonX Jun 29, 2016
Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't it 10 years that passed by?
Yourstruly_fx Yourstruly_fx Jan 12, 2017
i know this might be weird but I imagined the voice of pewds as the neko XD IM SORRY Sempaii~~~~