(Alois x reader) Sugar and spice

(Alois x reader) Sugar and spice

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Light By Llightyagami Updated Apr 03, 2016

Running away from your cruel parents and Forced to live with an annoying boy and his mysterious butler. Pretty much hell. You thought the first night staying. The hell you saw in the boy and manor would fade and you would soon realize you were brought here for a reason. 

(I will continue to update when I can :))

(I do not own black butler, alois, claude or any of the characters from the anime I include into the story. I hope you enjoy!)

xreader_in_comments xreader_in_comments Aug 03, 2016
ILL SAY HI TO SATAN FOR YOU!!! I mean y'all are going first! *pulls out chainsaw* ILL GIVE IT BACK TO GRELL AFTER THIS!
Alois Trancy defenition:A strawberry pop tart in booty shorts.
cursedas cursedas Aug 15, 2016
Me: Grell can I use that chainsaw for a second? Grell: Sure, but for what reason? Me: Oh no reason, I just want to test it out on a few people. Grell: ok
JadeCudney JadeCudney Jan 24
Why do I feel like this would be a Cinderella story for some odd reason? And I think I may have a blood water fall from my nose.......anime!e style
MerriadocBrandybuck MerriadocBrandybuck Nov 07, 2016
*Sarcastic voice* No, no way at all. Just behind a small bush at the entrance.
xreader_in_comments xreader_in_comments Aug 03, 2016
Don't let the doo- flaps on the window hit you on the way out!!! (◐ o ◑)