(Alois x reader) Sugar and spice

(Alois x reader) Sugar and spice

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Light By Llightyagami Updated Apr 03, 2016

Running away from your cruel parents and Forced to live with an annoying boy and his mysterious butler. Pretty much hell. You thought the first night staying. The hell you saw in the boy and manor would fade and you would soon realize you were brought here for a reason. 

(I will continue to update when I can :))

(I do not own black butler, alois, claude or any of the characters from the anime I include into the story. I hope you enjoy!)

foxgamer123 foxgamer123 Jul 11
1800's!?  This calls for my bow ties and waistcoats! *runs to cupboard of nerdiness*
BreanaBanana13 BreanaBanana13 4 days ago
Kid ends up falling from a high window while trying to escape their abusive parents cliché👌
There's nothing wrong with his voice. I like it just the way it is.
                              Just the way you are~~~
                                                   Bruno Mars~~~
Bobcake01 Bobcake01 Jun 04
Eh I've been in a worse situation where it was wood then it broke and there was concrete underneath and there was no bush and i somehow able to survive that with no broken bones just a few scratches and bruises and a big a$$ splinter
BreanaBanana13 BreanaBanana13 4 days ago
( sighs and chuckles while taking out huge axe ) now mom...now dad...we wouldn't want that... ( holds axe up high ) now do we? I suppose not unless you uh, ya know...wanna meet hell then go ahead
                              I regret this comment ( cries )
BreanaBanana13 BreanaBanana13 4 days ago
Sugar, spice, and everything nice these were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect little girl-
                              Oh sorry ( starts to read story )