Silent 《H2OVanoss》

Silent 《H2OVanoss》

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nobodies By Danirious Completed

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When Evan visits from Canada to North Carolina to see his best friend Jonathan. He finds out some secrets. Over recordings many people would make the ship. The boys would laugh, but never thought about it deeply.
And after Jonathan's accident more things come into play. What will happen to the boys?

Theme song: Monster - Meg & Dia

Completed: 3/12/16
 (Do not own VanossGaming or H2ODelirious in any way, it's all for fun and it's of course fiction hence Fanfiction)

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I_Laff_Yuu I_Laff_Yuu Apr 21, 2017
Bruh when I saw your name I imedietly thought of Hollywood Undead
SykoJuice_YAS SykoJuice_YAS Aug 06, 2016
The picture is what almost made me cry AND WE'RE NOT EVEN IN THE STORY YET!!
Tomboyz51ghostlord Tomboyz51ghostlord Apr 05, 2016
Sometimes, I feel like a female version of delirious. It's Focking weird
ImAtEt ImAtEt Jan 12, 2016
I think the reason I love Jonathan so much is because in theese fanfics, he relates to me in basically every aspect.
Author_double_X Author_double_X Dec 25, 2015
I would really appreciate it if you guys would check out my book :) I know for now it doesn't have very many chapters but I've been updating pretty quickly
EterniaCRY EterniaCRY Sep 13, 2015
||~ Heeeeyyyy, my name is Danny as well XD well Daniel but people calls me Danny~||