Silent 《H2OVanoss》

Silent 《H2OVanoss》

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Sydneybean By Danirious Completed

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When Evan visits from Canada to North Carolina to see his best friend Jonathan. He finds out some secrets. Over recordings many people would make the ship. The boys would laugh, but never thought about it deeply.
And after Jonathan's accident more things come into play. What will happen to the boys?

Theme song: Monster - Meg & Dia

Completed: 3/12/16
 (Do not own VanossGaming or H2ODelirious in any way, it's all for fun and it's of course fiction hence Fanfiction)

Yuliei_BabyWolf Yuliei_BabyWolf 4 days ago
Yessss and keep it like that Del......just love him for the rest of the story :)
badshylawolf9 badshylawolf9 7 days ago
This just makes me want to ship H2OCartoonz but it's not a strong feeling but it's close but not enough H2OVanoss 4 life
Emo_Wolfie Emo_Wolfie Aug 06, 2016
The picture is what almost made me cry AND WE'RE NOT EVEN IN THE STORY YET!!
Yuliei_BabyWolf Yuliei_BabyWolf 4 days ago
Loves gaming, smart, cute, loves horror but gets scared easily, loves teddy bears (LOL), kind, funny asf, chill and very peaceful :)
                              Lol I commented late but eh...I just wanted to say it
Yuliei_BabyWolf Yuliei_BabyWolf 4 days ago
I swear I've read this book before.....but I can't seem to remember :(
EterniaCRY EterniaCRY Feb 06
                              THIS ISNT WHAT I NEEDED IN 6 IN THE MORNING