Men are stupid, but you gotta love them (BWHM)

Men are stupid, but you gotta love them (BWHM)

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🚫🚫ALSO! I am aware the Spanish in this book looks odd. This is the third time Wattpad has changed up the letters in a strange way so I gave up.🚫🚫

Why do men have to be so stupid? I mean really. They can't make one women happy. That's to much damn work! It's hard to make even ONE women happy especially if she's bat shit crazy, but making two happy? Oh man... that "man" should get a medal. Or is he making that other women happy? Maybe he's not happy with her and when he's with the other women she lights up his world. Well... you'll just have to read to find out ;) 

Also this is a interracial relationship book meaning a black women and white man dating, a Brazilian women and black man dating, and a white women and black man dating. The list could go on. If you do not like that then please don't read the book and don't put rude fucking comments about interracial dating. Thank you ! :)

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thandi_1 thandi_1 Jan 08
I’m 5’11 and a swimmer but I’m always asked if I model or play basketball and I’m like hell nah b we don’t run here we don’t look pretty hair
Jpo_loves Jpo_loves Dec 23, 2017
This legit how my thought process goes 🤷🏽‍♀️😂😂
TooManyUb TooManyUb Nov 20, 2017
Agree I'm 5'11 and everyone want me to do basketball....but I suck lol
LSJMN2000 LSJMN2000 Aug 06, 2017
You're girl would NOT be going to that party. Suddenly pizza and a movie sound fecking amazing.
LSJMN2000 LSJMN2000 Aug 06, 2017
My friends to me, and I'm just like "if he can't handle the bitch in me, how can he handle errthing else?"
CiaraBabe19 CiaraBabe19 Dec 22, 2017
OMD ajagskl exactly, some random man once approached me and told me i should do sport. I was like naw I'm hella unfit smh